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GTW Tire Wholesalers Performance & Racing division is a small team of individuals within our company who are actively involved in the automotive racing industry. We've taken advantage of our position as tire wholesalers to be able to provide all our customers within the GTW Family, the knowledge, expertise, and competitive pricing on all performance related products.


Racing Wheels

We believe in no compromises when it comes to the wheels you use for racing. Factory Wheels aren't it, if your looking for the best in Racing wheels look no further than Forgestar and Weld Racing. Two staple brands for the lightest and sturdiest wheels in the market at a reasonable price.

Drag Radial Tires

Pick your poison may it be Nitto, Toyo, Mickey Thompson, or Hoosier. GTW Tires Wholesalers has the network to find you the best tire you need for your power delivery traction necessities.


Performance Upgrades

With the use of only the tested and proven quality parts in the market, we offer our ability to access supply sources for quality products for your needs and wants.

This also includes suspension for both lowered and lifted vehicles. Power adders and Fueling components, as well as performance brakes, light weight batteries, and steering wheels/ Racing seats.

Call our Tampa Location and ask for Junior to find out what options are availble for your ride today.

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