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Warranty and Claim          Disclosure

GTW Tire Wholesalers and its Affiliates are distributors of a large variety of different brands and products which at least most provide a Manufacturers Craftsmanship and/or Defect Warranty, unless otherwise stated. GTW Tire Wholesalers and its Affiliates are not the manufacturers of the brands distributed.


In the event that a tire has a failure or damage has occurred, it is the installer of the tire(s) responsibility to communicate with the warehouse they bought the tires from to commence the warranty/claim process.


If a tire has a notable defect upon installation (Without being driven on or installed on a vehicle) the installer is required to contact the warehouse immediately before doing anything else with the product. 


After the tire is installed on the vehicle any claims or grievances regarding the product is between the Consumer, Their Installer, and the Manufacturer.


GTW Tire Wholesalers and its Affiliates can assist with beginning any warranty or claim with a manufacturer. GTW Tire Wholesalers offer a product which should be installed by certified and skilled mechanics and technicians with proper tools and equipment. GTW Tire Wholesalers, does not conduct open business to the public and all business transactions are between its affiliates.


In the event that a Tire is purchased by someone other than the owner of the registered account on the original invoice with authorization ( but in the event an unauthorized purchase was made on the account, it is the account holders responsibility to inform their locations administration to resolve the issue before a claim is made, not after), it is the responsibility of the account holder to make any claim for warranties or adjustments with GTW Tire Wholesalers. GTW Tire Wholesalers will always try to the best of our capacity to offer solutions to our commercial and wholesale customers.

More information regarding Road hazard warranties, Tread Life warranties, and any others vary between manufactures and is suggested to go to the manufacturers website for accurate warranty information (and or coverage).

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